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Once you have purchased coverage, you will receive an email with the policy binder, policy wordings along with a copy of the certificate for your venue. You will receive a separate email with login instructions access Front Row Backstage.  

Front Row Backstage gives you real time access to all of your policy documents and allows you to issue additional certificates of insurance. You will be able to issue certificates to the following parties only who are asking to be added as loss payee and/or additional insured:

  1. Lessors of premises Rented/Leased to the event(s).

  2. Equipment rental companies, but only with respect to the maintenance, operation or use of the equipment by the Named Insured.

This program is not available for individuals, partnerships or corporations based in Québec.

This online program is currently only available for Canadian residents and Canadian registered companies. If you're in the US, click here to access the US event insurance site.

Yes, you should purchase event insurance even for a virtual event because issues can still arise at the venue where the virtual event is being streamed; e.g., property damage, bodily injury.

If your virtual event is a general event (non-performance), buy event insurance.

Note: for virtual events that transact financial data, such as credit card information, there will be no cyber coverage if the information is breached.

The selling of alcohol requires a licence and primary liquor liability coverage. This is not available through the online program.

Businesses such as a restaurant, bar, club, conference centre or hotel where alcohol is sold or served must maintain primary liquor liability coverage.

Licenced caterers who serve alcohol, even when provided by the host of the event are required to maintain primary liquor liability.

Host liquor liability coverage is available through the online program.

Host liquor liability coverage does not cover you if you are in the business of serving or distributing alcoholic beverages.

If you are serving alcohol at your event, you may need to obtain a permit from the respective provincial governing body.  In order to determine if you need a permit / license please review the requirements in the province your event is being held in.  Suggested sites:

Newfoundland -

Nova Scotia -


New Brunswick -

Quebec -

Ontario -

Manitoba -

Saskatchewan -

Alberta -

British Columbia -

Yukon -

Northwest Territories -

Nunavut -

If your event type is not listed you are not eligible to complete the purchase of insurance under this program.

Once coverage is purchased you will be provided a certificate that can be issued to your venue/location and vendors naming them as an additional insured.

Please be aware that there is no coverage afforded under this policy for claims arising from the operations or actions of your hired vendors. We recommend that you request certificates of insurance on behalf of all of your hired vendors (including caterers, bands).

Businesses such as a restaurant, bar, club, conference centre or hotel where alcohol is sold or served must maintain their own primary liquor liability coverage.

General Liability:

  • Each Occurrence: $500 for claims of Bodily Injury / Property Damage

  • Tenant Legal Liability: $500 Per Claim


  • Rented Equipment: $500

  • Rented Marquee / Tent: $250


VideoWhat is a deductible?

Multiple Canadian provinces require that events that will be serving alcohol have the servers trained under a server training program. This is to ensure that servers are prepared to make informed choices when they sell, serve, or offer alcohol.

Regulations vary by province; see below:

  • BC: Serving it Right (mandatory for retailers, licensees, servers, and those serving liquor under a special occasion license)

  • Alberta: ProServe (mandatory for staff involved in the sale and service of liquor in licensed premises)

  • SK: Serve it Right (not mandatory)

  • MB: Smart Choices (mandatory for selling in licensed service or retail establishment)

  • Ontario: Smart Serve (mandatory for new liquor sales licence holders, including new licence applicants, licence transfer applicants and temporary transfer applicants intending to operate an establishment)

  • QC: Service in Action (not mandatory)

  • NS: It’s Just Good Business (not mandatory)

  • NB: Responsible Beverage (not mandatory)

  • PEI: Responsible Beverage (mandatory: licensees and their employees must be in possession of this training certificate prior to working in a licensed premise)

  • NL: Serve Responsible (not mandatory)

This coverage is designed to protect against sums up to the coverage limit that the insured shall become legally obligated to pay as compensatory damages because of bodily injury or property damage to which this insurance applies. Coverage is restricted solely to the designated operations listed on the binder/policy. It includes the cost of a lawyer to defend you, and is subject to policy terms, limitations and exclusions.

Once coverage is purchased you will be provided a certificate that can be issued to your venue/location and vendors naming them as an additional insured.

This policy excludes liability arising out of the use of motor vehicles, airports, aircraft, watercraft, underground storage tanks or underground piping, except for underground piping used for irrigation.

Click Here to read to full policy terms, limitations and exclusions

COVID 19: All coverage under this policy will exclude claims arising out of or related to any loss caused directly or indirectly by or resulting from the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCov), Covid-19 or any subsequent naming by the World Health Organization of Coronavirus or mutation thereof and sequelae.

Any events involving the following activities would be ineligible under this program:

  • Stunting

  • Nudity

  • Inflatable amusement equipment

  • Climbing walls/activities

  • Naloxone or safe injection sites

  • Lifeguard or open water activities, unless third party responsible for water safety

  • Paintball, paint parties or laser tag exposures

  • Cannabis exposures

  • Any risk with sports exposure (ie. sporting event, sports tournament, etc.)

  • Any music event that includes heavy metal, hip hop, punk, DJ raves or aggressive dancing

  • Political parties, candidates and events

  • Union/trade association events

  • Or any similar activity

If you’re not primarily engaged in the serving or distribution of alcoholic beverages as a business, but you still want to “cover your bases” during an event where alcohol is being served, you should consider getting Host liquor liability coverage.

Host liquor liability coverage is designed to cover your liability for alcohol-related claims that result from the serving of alcoholic beverages at social events such as a wedding or business party.

Host liquor liability insurance does not cover you if you are in the business of serving or distributing alcoholic beverages.