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Who should be listed as a Named Insured?

It is important to choose the correct Named Insured.  The Named Insured has special rights and duties that are explained in the General Rules of the Insurance policy wording. The Named Insured is responsible for paying insurance premiums, and checks for claims paid will be made out to the Named Insured. The named insured must be an individual(s) or organization that can legally enter into a contract and process financial transactions.  

Typically, the Named Insured will be the same as the person(s) or organization hosting the event and renting the venue and equipment. Do not put the venue or venue owner as the named insured.


If you are applying as an individual, please list your full legal name in the Name Insured box. If you are applying on behalf of another individual, put their full legal name as the Named Insured.


If you are applying as a couple to be married, or on behalf of a couple, please list the full legal names of both individuals in the Name Insured box. 

Partnerships or Joint Ventures

If you are applying as a Partnership or Joint Venture, please list your full legal name and your partner’s or co-venture’s full legal name(s).

Trade Name/Unincorporated Companies  

If you are applying as a company that is not incorporated, please list your full legal name and your unincorporated company name by including the acronym dba (doing business as). 

e.g. “Jane Doe dba ABC Company”


If you are applying as a Corporation, please list the full legal name of your corporation including the company’s designation (i.e. Inc. Ltd., LLC, Corp.)

Societies/Foundations/Registered Charities/Religious Organizations/Other Not-For-Profits

Provided the organization is a legal entity, enter the full legal name of the organization, as it would appear on a tax statement.

e.g. “The Arts and Cultural Appreciation Society of Los Angeles”

Who is responsible for having liquor liability coverage for my event?

Please be aware that there is no coverage afforded under this policy for claims arising from the operations or actions of your hired vendors. We recommend that you request certificates of insurance from each of your hired vendors (including caterers, bands).

When does my coverage go in to effect?

Note that this coverage is offered for a single day event only. The coverage will automatically begin 1-day prior to your event to accommodate set-up; and will expire 1-day after the event for take down.

If you purchase a policy for a future date, the coverage will begin at 12:01am on the day before the date chosen.

Please note that the policy cannot be backdated and coverage cannot be purchased on same day or day before the event to be insured.

What limit is already included if I do not select the increase?

The policy will automatically include a Damage to Rented Premises limit of $250,000.

A higher $1,000,000 is also available for purchase.

What is the difference between Liquor Liability and Host Liquor Liability?

Host Liquor Liability –
Host liquor liability, which includes coverage for hosted or cash bars, is part of your General Liability coverage. It provides coverage when your venue serves alcoholic beverages or allows alcoholic beverages to be consumed on the premises.

Liquor Liability  –
This coverage is available as an option to purchase. In place of host liquor liability, this provides coverage if you are providing alcohol at your event as part of your business of manufacturing, distributing, selling, servicing or furnishing alcoholic beverages.

Still have questions? Reach out to a dedicated agent directly at 

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What is Damage to Premises Rented to You?

Damages to premises rented to you covers physical damage to the rented property / venue during the insured event for which you are legally liable.  Your venue may require this additional coverage.  

The policy will automatically include a limit of $250,000. A higher $1,000,000 is also available for purchase.

Still have questions? Reach out to a dedicated agent directly at

What is considered Hazardous Activity?

All hazardous activity will be excluded from this program. Please review the below list of excluded activities.

Hosting an event with hazardous activity? We may still be able to help! Depending on the activity and the size of the event, minimum premium can start around $1,500.00.

Reach out to a dedicated agent directly at

If your event includes any of these event types or activities it will not be eligible under this program at this time:

  • Aircraft Events
  • Animal Acts and Shows
  • Bicycle Rallies
  • Races and Events
  • Block Parties/Street Closures/Street Fairs-over 5,000 in attendance
  • Boat Shows
  • Bounce Houses
  • Bungee Jumping 
  • Carnivals With Amusement Devices
  • Circuses
  • Concerts - Not Otherwise Classified, Concerts with Rap, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, Ska Punk or similar types of music
  • Cycle Events
  • Evangelistic Meetings with Faith Healing or Similar Activities
  • Events with Armed Private Security
  • Events with Known Attendance Prior to the Event Greater than 5,000 People
  • Events with prior losses
  • Exotic Animal Shows and Events
  • Film Production
  • Fireworks
  • Fraternity Events
  • Go Kart Races
  • Gun and Knife Shows
  • Halloween - Haunted Houses 
  • Hang gliding/Sky Diving Heads of State Events
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Rides/Events
  • Hypnotist
  • Inflatables
  • Instructional Classes - Drivers Education
  • Flying or Health
  • Laser Tag – Outdoors
  • Luge
  • Marathons / Walkathons over 500 Attendees
  • Mechanical Amusement Devices Including Mechanical Bulls
  • Mosh Pits
  • Motorized Sporting Events
  • New Years Party (Open to public/not by invite only),
  • Nightclub Shows
  • Overnight Camping and Retreats
  • Paint Ball
  • Parachuting
  • Parasailing
  • Political Rallies
  • Professional Sports
  • Promoters
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Raves
  • Reality TV Shows
  • Record Signings in stores
  • Renaissance
  • Fairs/Festivals
  • Rodeo and Roping Events – Professional
  • Roller Coasters/Sky Coasters
  • Rummage Sales – Other than for Charities
  • Saddle Animals
  • Sidewalk Sales
  • Skate Boarding
  • Ski Events
  • Sky Diving
  • Slam Dancing
  • Sorority Events
  • Swap Meets/Flea Markets
  • Swimming and Pool Facilities
  • Temporary Grandstands
  • Tobogganing
  • Tractor Pulls
  • Trampolines
  • Triathlons
  • Wall Climbing
  • War Games/Re-enactments
  • Water Events
  • Water Slides

Not Eligible: 

  • Events with prior losses
  • Events with Armed Private Security
  • Events with Known Attendance Prior to the Event Greater than 3,000 People

What is Commercial General Liability?

This coverage is designed to protect against all sums up to the coverage limit that the insured shall become legally obligated to pay for bodily injury, property damage or personal and advertising injury to third parties arising out of the operations of the insured event. It includes the cost of a lawyer to defend you.

Once coverage is purchased you will be provided a certificate that can be issued to your venue/location naming them as an additional insured.

Click Here to read to full policy terms, limitations and exclusions

COMMUNICABLE DISEASE EXCLUSION – see coverage form for more information

What event locations can be covered under this policy?

This program can only cover events based in the continental U.S. Note that coverage is not available for events taking place in Kentucky, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands at this time.

Our venue requires a certificate. How does that happen?

Once coverage is purchased you will be provided a certificate that can be sent to your venue.

My State is not listed?

This program is currently only available for events based in the states listed in the drop-down shown. We apologize for any inconvenience.

My event type is not listed

If your event type is not listed you are not eligible to complete the purchase of insurance under this program.

Please note the list of ineligible event types.

My event had to be cancelled; is it possible to get a refund for my policy?

All premiums and fees are fully earned and non-refundable once the policy is purchased. This means that the policy limits cannot be reduced, nor can the policy be cancelled or extended beyond the stated policy term for any reason.

Is your event being held at an individual’s home?

Our online program is not available for events being held at an individual’s home.  We recommend checking with your homeowner’s broker to see if you are covered for your event, or if you will have to increase your pre-existing coverage.

Note: Events over a certain capacity may be excluded from your current policy. Always check with your current homeowners or renters policy to make sure that your event has sufficient coverage.

Is this vendor insurance?

No. This policy does not cover the performer, vendor or exhibitor. The coverage protects you, for the added risk of having them at your event. If they are a professional company, they should buy and provide their own insurance specific to their business, and provide you with proof of insurance.

Is a liquor permit required?

If you are serving alcohol at your event, you may need to obtain a permit from the respective governing body. In order to determine if you need a permit / license, please review the requirements in the state and city your event is being held in. 

How do I provide proof of insurance to our venue?

Once you have purchased coverage, you will receive an email with the policy binder, policy wordings and a certificate. You can email a copy to your venue as proof of insurance. Under no circumstances should the Certificate wordings be altered, added to or amended in any way.

Does the event insurance program cover large festivals and concerts?

Front Row's event insurance program includes basic liability coverage limits for small festivals or concerts with an attendance under 500. This program mainly offers General Liability cover. General Liability covers bodily injury and property damage that occur during the course of the event. A General Liability policy will only be triggered when brought to legal action. A General Liability policy will satisfy third party vendors and locations. We do however offer additional coverages including host liquor liability and increased limits for damage to premises rented to you.

Our online program is not meant for festivals or concerts with a capacity over 500 attendees. A major music festival will have much higher exposures and should have coverage that is tailored to their needs. To insure large festivals or concerts (in Canada) with an attendance over 500, please email Shephard Ashmore for a quote.

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