Who is responsible for having liquor liability coverage for my event?

Businesses such as a restaurant, bar, club, conference centre or hotel where alcohol is sold or served must maintain primary liquor liability coverage.

Licenced caterers who serve alcohol, even when provided by the host of the event are required to maintain primary liquor liability.

Please be aware that there is no coverage afforded under this policy for claims arising from the operations or actions of your hired vendors. We recommend that you request certificates of insurance on behalf of all of your hired vendors (including caterers, bands).

Please note that primary liquor liability is not available through this program. This should be provided by your vendors or the venue.

If you are serving alcohol at your event, host liquor liability coverage can be purchased. Host liquor liability: designed to cover your liability for alcohol-related claims that result from the serving of alcoholic beverages at social events such as a wedding or business party.